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2 days ago
Pity the Partner of a Person with Hearing Loss – Gael Hannan

A look at hearing loss from a spouse's perspective!

Do you live in a mixed marriage or relationship – where one person has typical hearing and the other has hearing loss? How’s that working out for you? For

2 weeks ago
Thyroid Eye Disease Drug May Cause Hearing Loss

More patients than previously reported may experience hearing symptoms such as hearing loss or muffled hearing from a new treatment for thyroid eye disease

4 weeks ago
Fall Related Injuries Are Costly

Fall-related injuries in older adults cost $50 billion per year.

1 month ago

It is with such great pride that I can announce that our company has been selected to receive the Distinguished Clinical Service Program award for 2021 by the New York State Speech, Language, Hearing ... See more

1 month ago
Top Causes of Hearing Loss

TOP CAUSES OF HEARING LOSS. Things you should know!

Hearing loss can happen for lots of reasons, from age to medication to an "ear stroke." Learn more about what can cause temporary, permanent, or sudden hearing loss.

2 months ago
Self-reported Hearing Loss Linked to Increased Risk of Dementia

Individuals who reported moderate-to-severe hearing difficulties had poorer cognitive performances overall, particularly in the domains of Attention/Processing Speed and Visuospatial Ability. They ... See more

2 months ago

Please spread the word about this important issue. Please like our sister company facebook page at or visit or website at: ... See more

2 months ago

One of the simplist ways to promote brain health - improve your hearing!

2 months ago

Look who came into the office. LOL

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