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At Diversified Hearing Services, we are committed to helping you achieve better hearing. Through our audiology, we can help evaluate, diagnose and treat balance disorders and hearing loss. Each of our audiologists has a master’s or doctoral education which means you receive the highest level of expertise. Contact us for audiology assistance today!

Diagnostic Hearing and Vestibular Evaluations

Our audiologists perform complete diagnostic testing, evaluations and hearing aid services for newborns to adults. Your first audiology appointment begins with a thorough discussion of your history, current complaints and questions. We offer a variety of audiology services and will determine which ones are right for you and your circumstances.

Diagnostic Tests & Evaluations

Diagnostic Audiometric Evaluation

This is a hearing evaluation used to determine the type and extent of your hearing loss. It includes your ability to hear tones as well as your ability to hear and understand speech. This test helps to determine appropriate treatment for your hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

Hearing Aid Evaluation

A Hearing Aid Evaluation is the discussion of specific hearing aid options, following your diagnostic hearing test. Your unique results help us to diagnose your degree of hearing loss, establish your ability to understand speech and determine how hearing aids will improve your ability to hear.


Videonystagmography (VNG) and Electronystagmography (ENG) are used to evaluate patients with dizziness, vertigo, or balance dysfunction. Both tests consist of three parts: oculomotor evaluation, positioning/positional testing, and caloric stimulation of the vestibular system.

ABR Test

The auditory brainstem response (ABR) test gives information about the inner ear (cochlea) and brain pathways for hearing. The ABR is indicated for a person with signs, symptoms, or complaints suggesting a type of hearing loss in the brain or a brain pathway.

CAP Test

Central Auditory Processing is assessed through the use of special tests designed to assess the various auditory functions of the brain. Results of these tests have learning and educational implications and may suggest specialized treatment.

Rotary Chair Test

The purpose of rotational chair testing is to determine if the vestibular (inner ear) or the neurological system is the cause of a balance disorder.

OAE Test

(Otoacoustic Emissions Test): A test given to determine cochlear status, specifically hair cell function.


Pressure is applied to the ear to determine the presence of a perilymph fistula or superior canal dehiscence.



ElectroCochleoGraphy (ECoG) tests are objective assessments used in the diagnosis of Meniere’s disease and other disorders. ECoG tests measure electrical potentials generated in the cochlea, a part of the inner ear, in response to audio stimulation.


(Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential): An assessment used to determine how the otolithic organs of the inner ear function. It complements the information provided by caloric testing and other forms of inner ear testing.

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