April 11, 2016

Hearing, Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids: Issues & Answers

Hearing loss occurs to most people as they age. Hearing loss can be due to the aging process, exposure to loud noise, certain medications, infections, head […]
March 28, 2016

Who will I see about my Ear and Hearing?

An audiologist is a person who has a masters or doctoral degree in audiology. Audiology is the science of hearing. In addition, the audiologist must be […]
March 15, 2016

A Discussion of Chronic Ear Infections

CHRONIC EAR INFECTION Chronic ear infection is the result of an ear infection that has left a residual injury to the ear. This type of infection […]
March 7, 2016

A Discussion of Dizziness

Dizziness is a symptom, not a disease. It may be defined as a sensation of unsteadiness, imbalance, or disorientation in relation to an individual’s surroundings. The […]
March 1, 2016

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is an abnormal perception of a sound reported by a patient. This “head noise” is unrelated to an external source of stimulation. Tinnitus is a […]
February 29, 2016

A Discussion of Eustachian Tube

First, in order to understand possible problems of the middle ear and eustachian tube, a brief review of ear anatomy & physiology is in order. MECHANISM OF HEARING […]
February 22, 2016

A Discussion of Facial Nerve Problems

Spasm, weakness or paralysis of the face is a symptom of some disorder involving the facial nerve. It is not a disease in itself. The disorder […]
February 15, 2016

A Discussion of Hearing Problems in Children

Five thousand children are born profoundly deaf each year in the United States alone. Another 10 to 15 percent of newborns have a partial hearing loss. SENSORINEURAL IMPAIRMENT […]
February 8, 2016

Practical Suggestions for Persons with a Hearing Impairment

FUNCTION OF THE NORMAL EAR The ear is divided into three parts: an external ear, a middle ear and an inner ear. Each part performs an […]