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Amherst is a town located in Erie County, NY. The town was created in 1818 using a piece of Buffalo, NY’s land. It is only 53.6 square miles in total land area. Amherst is a suburb of the city of Buffalo and home to the North Campus of the University at Buffalo where thousands of students are enrolled. It was also ranked as the safest city in America with a population between 100,000 and 500,000. Unfortunately, many people experience hearing issues like hearing loss.

Hearing loss is a common issue that thousands of people experience everywhere including in Amherst, NY. Hearing aids are usually an easy solution. However, to diagnose audiological issues such as hearing loss, it is important to visit a professional audiology service like us.

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Are you experiencing hearing issues? Then contact us for professional audiology services in the Amherst, NY area. We can do a hearing test to determine if you need hearing aids. If we determine that hearing aids are necessary, we will provide you with some. We also provide speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy services. Contact us today to schedule your hearing test or any of our therapy services!