New Advances in Hearing Aids

New advances in hearing aids are constantly improving; with new technology being developed daily.

But, what are the most recent advances that we have seen and how do they help people who use hearing aids? We decided to find some of the newest advances and share them with all of you!

new advances in hearing aidsOpen Acoustic Fittings are improving the way people hear with a virtually invisible hearing aid! With Open Acoustic Fittings, the ear canals remain free, which can then preserve their natural ability to amplify sound. 

Multi Programs are the different programs that come with most hearing aids. They allow you to manually select what you hear by choosing a program that best fits the environment you are in. The main benefit to these is the fact that they can simplify adjustments and the add convenience to the wearer. 

Noise Reduction Feature is a recent feature which allows the user to personalize their hearing aids to disable the many unwanted background noises. 

Automatic Volume Control is an advancement to hearing aids which allows the wearer hands-free volume control. Changes to hearing aids will be automatically updated, depending on the environment. 



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